The SlipStream Acceleration &
Optimization Engine

SlipStream technology is the de facto standard in acceleration, adaptive data compression and network optimization technology. SlipStream enables us to deliver the fastest and most satisfying online experience for our users, while significantly reducing bandwidth requirements and infrastructure investment.

The SlipStream Acceleration & Optimization Engine, the core technology behind all SlipStream products, features industry-leading lossy and lossless compression algorithms. The patented technology is built on advancements in information theory and network architecture research conducted by the world-renowned computer science and computer engineering faculties at the University of Waterloo. The SlipStream solution compresses, optimizes and streamlines Internet content, from Web (including text as HTML, XML, JavaScript and graphics) to file retrieval (FTP) and email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP and MAPI) plus secure connectivity (HTTPS and VPN).

The Engine works at the application layer, enabling the use of compression techniques tailored to specific applications and protocols.

To begin using SlipStream today just download and install the SlipStream client then call us at 903 289-9267 to enable the service. Cost for SlipStream is just $2.00 per month and can be added to your current billing cycle.